Hermit Crab

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These Hermit Crabs each have a tale to tell. Both constructed from dried gourds [making the shell] and steel making the crab.  

The one pictured above survived a tumble on to the Interstate on the way to an outdoor festival. Noticing he was missing, I was beside myself. Bobby retraced our “steps” and found him on the side of I-10. Apparently, he had jumped off of the back of the truck on the way to Ocean Springs.  He survived relatively unscathed. 

Our friend pictured here, to the left, was left sitting on a table on my front porch during Hurricane Katrina. He was found under the carport afterward. He didn’t travel far but somehow survived the winds and the flood, also, relatively unscathed.

Like many on my pieces, these two were made to last.


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