Sunday School Crafts: Joseph Pyramid

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This is the part of Joseph’s story where he has found himself in prison. He was accused of doing something he didn’t do, because, he didn’t do it !  While there he interprets the dreams of two fellow prisoners; one outcome, quite favorable, the other, not so much. Prisoner with the “good” dream finds himself free and is told by Joseph not to forget him. Of course, Joseph slips his minds until Pharoah has a dream and no one can interpret it. “Ooooh yeah. I think I might know a guy.”
Joseph is freed, interprets Pharaoh’s dream and, in doing so, finds favor with the ruler.
You can read the whole story here (Genesis 40-42).

Our craft…    PYRAMIDS !
Each side showing a part of the story. And, making a great head piece.

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