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Above is the Top Sail attached to the Fore Mast. Note the nice curve and the rod placement…    It’s like an actual sail catching the breeze, n’est-ce pas?
However, once I had this put together it added just enough weight that the base tended to “tip” and raise up as the mast began to lift. Solution: secure the base plate.
Here are some more photos of both sails on the mast.


FRONT VIEW of top sail with holes for “rope”. 
I had this part laid on some pipe off the ground but then it rained and the grass grew up, underneath. One night of dew produced this interesting yet unwelcome effect.


SIDE VIEW of top sail. 
The top of the topsail will connect to the very top bracket


SIDE VIEWS of fore mast with the top sail and the fore sail. 
Laying down the fore sail is bowed the wrong way. As its lifted the sail will bow to the front as if the breeze had caught it.


Lastly, the view from what will be the bottom of fore mast with the top sail and the fore sail. 
The fore sail is bowed the wrong way and one can see the base plate having lifted off the ground.

The finished piece will be anchored in concrete.

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