Above is the Top Sail attached to the Fore Mast. Note the nice curve and the rod placement...    It's like an actual sail catching the breeze, n'est-ce pas? However,…

Row People

Row People

The Row people are groups of patterned body anthropomorphs. These figures are inspired by ancient cave drawings found all over the world. Below are some examples of these petroglyphs.My interpretation features…

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Metal Vases

Metal Vases

The Ram Vase is another favorite. Welded plates form a "box" with curled handles, adorned with semi precious turquoise, hematite, agate and more. comment? question? critique? Tell us what do…

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BIG Blue

This is one of my favorite pieces I have ever created.BIG BLUE is a polished steel piece that measures about 18" across the diagonal. Painted with enamel paint and featuring…

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Smiling Sunshine
Good Day Sunshine

Smiling Sunshine

Warm tones of Crimson, Tangerine and Lemon adorn this large steel sun. Measuring approximately 20 inches across, the smiling sun is cut out of 11 gauge steel, polished then painted. Mixed…

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Two Spiked lizards


Reptiles, reptiles, reptiles ! My favorite, the Great Spiked Geckos; Big Daddy and his lil Buddy, above. All of the reptiles are cut from 11 gauge steel, polished and painted…

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Household Idols

Pictured above the Grand Coteau Sunset. I made this piece 25 years ago and I still love it. Making figures as they were depicted in ancient times is another one of…

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