Who we are . . .

 Gail has been a “maker” since early childhood, creating her own comic strips on bed sheets and door panels, making mud pottery from the orange clay she would dig from her backyard and designing fanciful flying creatures and contraptions.
As a student, her artistic work was recognized with numerous awards. Throughout college she worked as an artist and illustrator, despite receiving her degree in business administration and marketing.
After graduating, and encouraged by her mother, Gail went back to school, not to work on an MBA, but to a local Junior College to learn how to cut and weld steel. Her ability to cut mild steel with an acetylene torch came naturally and effortlessly. She mastered the art of the torch and cultivated her “style” over the course of several years, cut steel becoming her primary medium in artistic endeavors.
Gail has been cutting and welding steel sculptures for over 25 years. “It was the best piece of advice I ever followed,” speaking of her mother’s encouragement.

While Gail’s primary material to work with is steel, her body of work spans a variety of mediums; from steel, wood, clay and glass, to graphic design, watercolor, pen and ink, jewelry, fabric and more.

Gail shares her talent not only through the sales of her unique pieces, she conducts painting workshops for adults and children, assists with local children’s programs and demonstrates her cutting technique as often as she is asked.

Instructing students on cutting steel is in the near future. We’re always looking for eager learners.
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A resident of Gulfport, Mississippi for the past 22 years, Gail has spent the majority of her life along the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Alabama. Having weathered several storms, in her many years along the coast, hurricane Katrina became a catalyst for bigger and better things. A violent upheaval, from which a renaissance rose from the chaos.

Gail shares her Bayou View Studio home with her partner Eric and beloved four legged “kids” plus some of the creatures native to the bayou that inspire her work.

What we do . . .


Created on the coast, we design and produce a wide variety of steel artwork.


Etched, engraved, painted and decal-ed; glass, ceramic, unbreakables and steel; stemmed & stemless, handled, tumbled or hugged...
if it holds a beverage we can make it uniquely yours.


Art to wear. We create a unique variety of bracelets, pendants and more inspired by life on the Gulf Coast.



Art to wear and share

Building beautiful things

between the beach and the bayous

Gail’s body of work includes an eclectic collection of whimsical creatures inspired by life on the Gulf Coast, creative characters described as modern interpretations of primitive art.

Her designs and style are as unique as the characters they adorn. Included in her portfolio is an extensive library of design elements, symbols and motifs, Gail calls her Gulf Coast Glyphs. Brightly colored, geometric… inspired by ancient cultures, sacred geometry, repetitive patterns and the order in chaos; her painting style is inspired by a mix of Matisse, Kandinsky and Haring, with a wee bit of Walter (Anderson).

Included in Gail’s portfolio are commissioned pieces, paintings, drawings and graphic design projects available as prints, t-shirts and mugs;  specialty drinkware (glass, plastic and steel) featuring original artwork or custom designs for special occasions;  jewelry pendants, bracelets, rosaries and more. 

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For kids and adults, small groups or large crowds. Our workshops are great for parties. Our demos are great for drawing a crowd.


Ideas for print, logos and illustration.

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